ASCO Aluminum Supply Company, Inc.

Marshall Holding Company - Supplier Performance Expectations

It is our expectation that suppliers work with us to remain competitive in the market place. How our suppliers perform directly affects our ability to support our customers. In addition to compliance with basic Purchase Order Terms & Conditions, we have the following expectations of our suppliers:

Quality Management System

  • Suppliers are expected to comply with ISO9001:2008 as the foundation of their quality management system. Certified companies must provide copies of current certificates as soon as possible upon certification or renewal of certification. Note: Companies that are not certified by an accredited registration body may be subject to stricter control requirements than certified companies with proven performance records.

Quality Performance

  • Suppliers are expected to provide us with the correct parts as ordered with Zero Defects. Suppliers shipping defective parts may be subject to charges occurring as a result of the defects, including but not limited to, part replacement, freight, and pass-through of penalties incurred as a result of supplier nonconformance.
  • Suppliers are expected to provide supporting product documentation in a timely manner upon request. Documentation requests may include, but are not limited to, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation, NAFTA certificates, Certificates of Compliance, Material Certifications, and IMDS submissions.
  • Suppliers are expected to utilize disciplined problem solving approaches to fix quality problems. When requested, suppliers will use the customer-supplied form for corrective action responses and must follow the targeted response timing unless otherwise agreed upon.
    • Suppliers must provide initial corrective actions, including containment actions, within 24 hours of initial corrective action request.
    • Completed corrective actions, including Root Cause analysis & identification, Permanent Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions, must be submitted within 14 business days after initial corrective action request.


  • Suppliers are expected to respond to requests in a timely manner, which means hours and/or days NOT weeks or months. All efforts will be made to avoid emergency requests; however, cooperation is expected should those situations arise.


  • Suppliers are expected to ship to Purchase Order requirements, which means 100% On-Time Delivery. Early shipments will not be accepted unless previously agreed upon with our Purchasing department. Late shipments may be subject to penalties should delays impact our ability to fulfill customer orders.
  • Suppliers are expected to comply with all PO requirements, including packaging & labeling specifications.



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