ASCO Aluminum Supply Company, Inc.

About ASCO – Our Company's History

Aluminum Supply Company, Inc. (ASCO) was founded by Robert Marshall in 1948. The original concept was to create a one-stop wholesale depot for aluminum building products and accessories. Detroit did not have a resource like this at the time, so there was a clear opportunity for success.

ASCO quickly became known as the Metro Detroit area's premier supplier of architectural building products. As market trends and demands have changed over time, ASCO has adapted and evolved, continually striving to offer diverse products and experienced support staff.

The overwhelming success of ASCO offered the Marshall family an opportunity to expand, and in 1956, Marshall Sales Incorporated (MSI) was founded. For five decades, the goal of MSI has been to market and distribute industrial fasteners for various trades.

In 1990, Marshall Holding Company was formed in order to consolidate the ownership of both ASCO and MSI. Ownership of both companies remains in the Marshall family today.