ASCO Aluminum Supply Company, Inc.

Cincinnati Shear

This is ASCO’s primary shear. It is used to cut sheet and bar stock to nearly any specified size. It can handle a majority of the materials that ASCO commonly supplies and/or uses for fabrication. Most sheets ASCO stocks can be cut to any size the customer requires.


Model Number:


Standard Tolerance:


Material Processing Capability




Aluminum (3003 H14)



Galvanized Steel

28 GA

3 GA

Stainless Steel

28 GA

12 GA

ASCO's Di-Arco Brake

In addition to these machines, ASCO also has equipment for welding, notching, saw cutting, drilling, punching, and miter cutting. For more information regarding our machines and their applications, please contact ASCO and ask to speak with a member of the fabrication department.


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