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Project: Wayne State University - Chemistry Lab
Detroit, MI

The renovation of this 30 year old building started in 2004 with a projected completion date of April 2011. This lengthy timeline was setup to help the school manage funding, while having improvements on essential sections of the building completed. The general contractor, DeMaria (Based in Detroit), managed this project with reported success.

Aluminum Supply Company's supplied material involvement can be traced back to early 2008, with stainless steel flashing being supplied to the masonry contractor, Booms Stone Company. Orders for additional flashing continued with the phases of construction through late 2010. This phase of the chemistry lab eventually used over 300 lineal feet of type 304 stainless steel with 2b finish. The final order from Booms Stone was 4 pieces of custom hand cut and bent flashing corners.

During phase II, towards the beginning of 2010, Aluminum Supply Co. began supplying material to the glass and glazing contractor, Madison Heights Glass Company. The majority of the metal for this job required a custom champagne paint. Generally having material painted can take at least two weeks, which would have been an unacceptable lead time for MHGC. It was determined to have the 5052 mill finish aluminum sheets painted, then stored at our shop here in Detroit. This is a popular service ASCO offers, as it allows for the customer stock to be quickly fabricated. Contact your ASCO representative for more information on this service.

Overall Madison Heights Glass Company was supplied over 2,450 lineal feet of various fabricated brake metal from their custom painted .063 aluminum. Most of which was bent to basic shapes such as angles, zees, channels, and flashing; though it did include 14 custom architectural panels. Almost 600 lineal feet of various stainless steel flashing and angles of both #4 brushed and #8 polished finishes. Along with the fabricated brake metals, MHGC also used over 800 lineal feet of extruded aluminum for various structural and supporting applications.

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