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Lead Coated Copper Sheets

Lead coated copper side view

Lead coated copper has been used for over a century in architectural building products, and is still available. It is made from sheets of copper which are dipped into molten lead. This process completely coats both sides of the copper giving it a silver gray finish. This alternative to the traditional copper color allows architects to take advantage of the longevity of copper while maintaining their desired atheistic values. The light gray run off of lead matches with light colored masonry/roofing products.

Lead coated copper top view

Despite its great appearance and longevity, lead coated copper is rarely used because of the environmental impact. When used in fabrication ASCO takes every step possible to ensure safe handling of this material. There is also an alternative now for a gray color tone of copper, Revere Freedom Gray. Freedom Gray is copper coated with a Tin/Zinc alloy.

For more information on either Revere Freedom Gray or lead coated copper, Contact an ASCO representative.
Lead coated copper texture

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